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MX3D the robot that prints a brige -

The skills of exponential leaders -

Really cool 3D touch display -

Meet the Pilot the smart Earpiece Language Translator -

Google´s thing translator -

Facebook is working on a Non-invasive brain-computer interface? -

Many jobs are expected to be replaced by AI & automation. Scary! But what if work as we know it is the problem?

Slides to kick off your IDEA Sprint -

types of ai -

Galaxy Zoo good example for meaningful gamification -

A Machine Learning Crash Course Part 2 -

"Drip drip drop there goes an Qgasm" ♫ ♪ from "Quantum Computing Is Real, and @DWaveSys Just Open-Sourced It"

"The baby's brain seems to be the most powerful learning computer on the planet."

Ho to create a great community -

AirBnB´s Growth Story -

Ubers growth engine -

The top artificial intelligence stories of 2016

"What if CO2 emissions could be transformed...into an asset?" The $20M @nrgenergy @COSIA_ca Carbon XPRIZE.

Studie: Massiver Preisverfall bei Batterien für Elektroautos

Cognitive Business and the Future of Finance. Ginni Rometty’s keynote at #FIF2017

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